Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not much going on.

Well folks, not much went on last night.  I had to go grocery shopping so I dropped of my DS with my DH and got to go solo.  You would think that it would be a better trip, but I am so tired that it was just miserable.  It doesn't help that the weather here is super humid.  My hair is attacking people in retaliation of the humidity.  I have naturally curly hair.  Like most gals, I truly wish I had strait hair, but I must admit that its nice to wash, mousse, and go.  Until I miraculously get straight hair, I will have to wear it up to keep cool.
I didn't get any stitching done last night either.  I managed a whole 48 stitches on my "A" block for my DS, but it was just the border.  I get so bored with the prep work that its hard for me to move on.  I also discovered that my DS does NOT like my stitching.  He grabbed at the frame last night until I gave up and played with him.  He is only 19 months old, so I took the opportunity to play with him while he still wants me to.  So much more important than keeping to my stitching schedule.  His bright happy eyes made my messy house and undone stitches worth every minute.
I also need to update everyone on my yard.  I am going to take some pics this afternoon so I can show everyone that its a living version of new fabric.  Not a stitch in sight and in desperate need of a design.  Its really exciting to me because I have a black thumb.  Yes, I said black.  I managed to over love a South African desert plant to death.  I am not good, but for the sake of my little one, I am doing some research and will be doing some gardening this year.  Wish me luck (and some sleep).

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