Thursday, April 21, 2011

I blame it on my eye

I am so self conscious about the fact that my vision is compromised most days.  Its very easy for people to sneak up on me.  Its also very easy for my fingers take on a life of their own when typing.  For example, I have just noticed that I misspelled help in my bio (its fixed now).  That so frustrates me.  I also look both ways before taking a step when I am out in public.  I have noticed people looking at me strangely.  I am pretty sure most store employees think I am up to no good.  Its pretty suspicious when someone is looking around all the time.  I figure I can just take out my prosthesis and freak them out if anyone gets rude.  Its one of the perks of having a fake eye.  I can pretty much freak anyone out at all times.  Its great (insert evil giggle here).
So why did this subject come up?  I came by to update my blog with pics of some projects and just realized that I left the camera at home.  I am upset with my self yet again because I am never prepared.  I should have put the camera in my bag last night after taking the pics.  Would have, Should have, Could have.......  My ninth grade English teacher constantly made that statement.  It stuck with me because I am a Should have person.  I am very aware of my ability to forget things and "should" prepare things when I remember them instead of counting on myself to remember later.  So I began proof reading my blog.  I feel not so smart during these infrequent proofs.  I spotted a few misspellings and now I hope I seem a bit more intelligent.  That's what all of this rambling led to.  I hate knowing I have bad spelling and grammar.
So folks, another day of complaining and no pics.  I apologize for my self ;).  I WILL have pics and project updates tomorrow morning.  Till then, may you be froggy free......

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Joysze said...

Hehehehe..... me too!!! about that camera. It's always.... "oh I should put it in my bag.... eh... I'll remember tomorrow." Yeah RIGHT!!!

Sorry to hear about the stares... you SHOULD pull out your prosthetic when you're feeling particularly evil one day.... that'll teach them to stare. ;)