Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slow Start

Happy New Year (again) :) .  I needed a do over because my DS had a terrible week-end.  My poor baby caught a cold, his lip in his teeth, and a miserable start to the new year.  So, with that in mind, I am going to cheat on my challenge a bit.  I am using a bunch of UFO's from over the years.  Since they are already started, I am going to consider them my "starts":

Jan 1) Stoney Creek's: No Greater Love (Jesus with Angels)
Jan 2) Brooke's Books: Madonna and Child ornie
Jan 3) Self Designed: Alphabet Blocks

I can't find my bag with the New Year's Fairy, so I am off to my local stitchery to resupply and begin that today.  Although I will keep up with my starts, I plan to concentrate on my Love Quilt Square.  I am already behind schedule.  I need to get it mailed by the end of this month.  Its due March 1, and I want to be early so they have plenty of time to do what they do best.  I will add some pics later today.

I also wanted to say Thank You to my readers.  I don't consider myself all that interesting but I can admit that I have some rather funny and unique situations.  For example, on Saturday (the first day of my DS's cold), we sat up in my bed cuddling for a bit.  He felt so bad, that he kept crying.  I also have two yorkies that sleep with us, so we have a full bed.  Well, Fletch (my boy doggie) couldn't take the crying after about 15 minutes and began howling from his hibernation under the goose down comforter.  He sounded more like a cow complaining than a dog.  Right then my eye began to itch or should I say my fake eye.  So I scratched, and then it fell out into my glasses.  My DH just started laughing because of our howling dog, crying baby, and
falling eyeballs.  I am not doing the situation justice, but it was really funny.  And the clink in my glasses did get my little one to stop crying and giggle a bit.

Well folks, that's it for today.  I'll get some pics up tomorrow. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Challenge

Good Morning and Happy New Year!!!

I published my list on the website.  The list is as follows:

1) Brookes Bookes: New Years Fairy freebie with some additions.  I am stitching this for Peyton's Love Quilt square,
2) Stoney Creek's: No Greater Love (Jesus with Angels): I began this years ago when I was just learning to stitch.  Its my goal to finish this year and give it to my Mom.
3) Stitch Graffiti by heather Holland-Daly: Home is Where my Bed is.  This is a gift for my friend April.
4) Sue Hillis Designs: The Beatings will Continue When the Morale Improves: This is for my blog title.  Its been put together for a while, but just never got started.
5) My Big Toe Designs: Serenity Prayer: this has a special place in my family,
6) Brookes Books: December Cake freebie: for my Mother's birthday.
7) Janlynn: Bear Collector: plan to use this as a sampler for my cousin's baby.  They are due in May.
8) Plum Street Sampler: Coffe Tombstone freebie: for my kitchen
9) Janlynn: Water Dragon: bought this years ago and its still lovely,
10) Brookes Books: First Christmas Ornie: A bit late, but for my son
11) Raise the Roof Designs: Nickademus (Sock Monkey): for my son's second Christmas (Also a bit late)
12) Bookes Books: Madonna and Child (JCS 2010 Ornament Issue) - for my Mom
13) Brookes Books: Summer House freebie (Plan to add the wedding date and names for some friends and make it into a photo album.  (It too is a bit late) - maybe an anniversary gift this year,
14) Self Designed: Alphabet blocks for my son (I started "A")
15) Chatelaine's: Manuela's Sunflower freebie (something pretty for me)

A bunch of these are freebies.  It turns out that a new eyeball is quite expensive.  So are the doctors.  The good news, it was worth it.  No one can tell unless I say something.  I also have a bunch of smalls because having a toddler makes it difficult to stitch.   I have hope and renewed energy.  Wish me luck. :)