Friday, April 22, 2011

A Finish

Easter Ornie: pattern from gazette94

Yeah me....  (he he he).  I finally finished my Easter ornie for my babysitter.  She and her husband are wonderful.  My DS just walks straight into their home and waves good bye to me.  Its such a wonderful feeling knowing my baby is happy.  Here are some pics.  Above is the front of the ornie.  It's my best finish ever (finishing has never been a strength of mine).  I am really proud of this one.  The pic on the left is the back of the ornie.  It says Mama Lu.  That is what my DS calls her (when he can say it).  Normally its just a continuous mamamamamama.  I placed the ornament in an Easter basket filled with brownie cup cakes.  They are sooooo delicious.  Its my mother-in-law's recipe so I am not sure if I can post it, but if I get the OK, I will do it sometime next week.  I used 16 count cream Aida with a variegated pink floss from DMC.  I am not sure of the number because its one I have been hanging onto that the DMC sticker fell off of.

Next in line is my Breast Cancer Cure Ornament for my sister-in-law.  I mentioned earlier that she had a double mastectomy a few weeks ago.  I am going to send this off next week.  The pattern is from JCS magazine.  I will get the details posted when I post the finish.  The pink fabric is the backing for the ornie (so far).  I tend to change my mind so cross your toes for me that I keep it.  It matches the pink that will fill in the C in the green and white part and part of the flower. 
Well folks, that's it for today.  I will post again on Monday with some new ideas and I am sure a great adventure story from this week end.  Toddlers rawk!!!
Have a wonderful Easter week-end.


Astrid's dragon said...

Your Easter ornie turned out great! I always have trouble finishing up pieces too - love to stitch but hate to sew!

Joysze said...

Great finish!! I'm sure Mama Lu loves it. :D

gazette94 said...

Hello Joy ! What a nice way to say thank you to a wonderful babysitter ! I love the way you used my pattern !Thank you for the picture. Have a good week-end..