Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to do....

I did it again.  I am unsure why I lack the discipline to stick on one or three projects at a time, but I got excited about another project.  I noticed a link on the DMC website a few days ago about converting pictures to cross stitch.  Its fairly easy and I received the chart instantly (always a plus for instant gratification people).  I am not affiliated with this company.  I just thought I would share.  Soooooo.....  this is my dilemma.  I totally want to start that stitch now.  I thought I could squeeze it in for father's day.  Its so adorable.  I haven't been able to take pics, but will try to get some in tomorrow.  I chose a picture of my DS at 7 months of age.  Can't wait to get that one done.  Its mid sized so I don't think it will take that long to stitch up, BUT, there is my dilemma.  I have so many others that shouldn't take too long (insert wicked little laugh here).  I am going to publish my list so I am bound by you to stick to it.

1) LQ - snake for Brody
2) Sisters and Daughters for my baby sitter, her sister, and mother,
3) Summer House
4) Picture Stitch for Father's Day

I will get started on my birth sampler once these are done.  I have other projects on the books for this year, so I decided to stitch on the sampler during those infrequent moments of being caught up.  I will concentrate on it once I have my gift projects done for the year.  I rarely keep any stitching, so wish me luck.  I have a ton of gift projects this year. 

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Joysze said...

Oh noooooooo, surely you're not one of THOSE who like to have new starts all the time, are you? LOL!!!!

That looks like a good list..... looking forward to seeing pics. :D