Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Sky is Leaking

The sky is leaking.  There is liquid falling from the heavens.  When I was little, my grand father told me that the rain was God's tears.  Everyone needs to cry.  I was always confused by that.  Especially since thunderstorms scare me.  Not sure what it is about lightning, but it is scary.  Its been about 3 months since we have had any rain here.  The ground is sure to soak it up in no time.  I am really glad because my seedling Bermuda grass needs it.  I know its not the best grass, but I am not good with plants and figured since its so difficult to get rid of, it must be for me.  I may try St. Augustine in the back yard.  Its cooler back there because of my oak tree. 
Well folks, that isn't much, but my eye is still having trouble focusing.  I really really really hope that spell check works for me today (he he he). 
Type to ya tomorrow.

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