Friday, May 6, 2011

Congratulations Sari

I just want to say congratulations to Sari who won Heather's Stitching Story Give-A-Way.  It's a wonderful prize. 
I also have an update on my Mother's Day gift.  I am really starting to stress because I only have today and tomorrow to finish it up.  I still haven't finished the design so I will be staying up really late today and tomorrow to make sure I can surprise my Mommy.  Here is a pic of the update.  I have added part of the Mother's dress since this pic, but now you can tell its two bunny's hugging.
Plum Street Sampler's Freebie
I also need to make some changes to my May goals.  My baby sitter had a tragedy in the family.  Her younger sister passed away.  I found some wonderful Lizzy Kate designs that I want to make as a tiny remembrance for my baby sitter, her sister, and their mother.  I can't imagine a greater tragedy that loosing a child.  They are small but I really want to do something for the family.  They have been so generous and supportive of my family.  Mama Lu is just that to my DS.  Mama when I am not around.  I am expecting the patterns in tomorrow so I will post a pic with the threads on Monday.  Well folks, wish me luck on my Mother's Day gift.

For all of you Mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!  I hope every one's family comes together.

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Sally said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your baby sitter's sister. What a terrible thing to happen.

Your WIP is looking so cute!