Friday, May 27, 2011

Updates and a Long Week-end Ahead

I FINALLY got the chance to take some stitchy pics BUT totally forgot to take pics of my darling little grass fuzz.  Its really adorable.  I have set an alarm on my phone to make sure that I take pics today so I can post them on Tuesday.  Yes, a three day week-end.  I should have plenty of pics and stories to tell.  I have some in-laws coming into town, so we should have lots of fun.  Today is also my DH's birthday.  His mother, step-father, my DS, and I are having a little dinner at our house.  Maybe I will get lucky and get a chance to take some family pics to post.  I am so bad about that.
On the stitchy front, I got a chance to start my ornies for my baby sitter and her family.  I only have one pic, but I am hoping to have at least one done by Tuesday.  I am a slow stitcher due to my vision issues, so any progress is good for me (he he he).

Stoney Creek Reptiles and Amphibians

This first pic is my progress on the Love Quilt Square for Brody.  You can see a bit of the tree in the center and I am still on my first coil of snake.  The colors are soooooo pretty.  I am a sucker for greens.  I know it doesn't look like much, but its coming along.  My goal of finishing page 1 by the end of May was a bit ambitious.  I began with the largest page of stitching, BUT I will have page 1 done by the end of the first week of June.  My hands are just itching for that birth sampler.

Lizzy Kate "Sisters"

This next pic is of Lizzie Kate's "Sisters Forever".  The colors are so pretty.  I am using the DMC alternatives.  Since my DS loves to touch the threads, I have to wash my stitching.  It's tough keeping the hands of a 20 month old clean.  Especially when his best friends are Yorkies.  Who knows what those three get into.  I am using 28 count Lambswool Jobelan.  I am really glad I decided to use the recommended fabric.  It makes that first color really jump out at you.  Too bad I don't have any sisters.  I would love to have one of these for myself.  I may have to break down and purchase "A Brother".  I am soooooo liking Lizzy Kate and U2 right now.  In case I have not mentioned it before.  I am a U2 freak.  I have been since the 6th grade.  I even remember having a crush on the Edge.  He is so my type and ironically does not look anything like my DH.  Go figure.

Well folks, that's it for today.  I will have some stitchy updates on Tuesday with hopefully some fabulous progress on both stitches.  And yes Joysze,  I am one of those who LOVES new starts, but I LOVE finishes even more (LOL).  Hopefully I will have a couple more finishes in the near future.  I have some great coupons from the local craft stores, so I will be gathering supplies for a flat fold finish soon.  Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.


Joysze said...

Ooooh, another green fan. I love green too, and those greens are to die for!

Have a fab weekend and looking forward to seeing your pics on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to hubby. :)

Sally said...

Nice going on your WIP Joy:) Love those greens. They look so pretty.

Happy Birthday to your DH. Have a great weekend- well what's left of it!