Monday, August 15, 2011

Week-End Update

Hello Stitchers,  I hope everyone had a great week-end.  This past week-end was my birthday and I had a blast.  I got a couple of happy surprises and was able to get a bit of time away with my friends.
On Saturday, I received the Stitcherhood pattern and some flowers from my parents.
Please forgive the mess in the background.  That table never seems to be clutter free.  The flowers are beautiful and I am super grateful to my parents.  They are the sweetest.  I also received this little lovely in the mail (the pattern).
As promised, I dropped everything and I searched through my stash so I could get started.  I came up with this wonderful piece of fabric that I have been dying to use.  I finally have the perfect project for it.  I haven't completely committed to the red yet.  I am going to browse back through the other stitcher's blogs to get some ideas.  I was able to start it last night, so stay tuned folks.  I will post my finish soon and get it out to the next stitcher as soon as possible.
This next pic of an update of the pin keep I started.  I know, I know, I should be done, but I think I was a bit burned out after the snake stitch.  I am so glad that I have myself the break.  I had renewed vigor when I picked up my needle yesterday.

I do plan on getting the stitching done this next week-end as long as the Traveling Pattern is done.  I was also able to get the Halloween Rules fabric framed up so I can begin the stitch-a-long on the Lizzie Kate Lovers Blog. I am a week behind, BUT, I figure its OK. 
I am working on my stress over having more than one project on the go.  I am going to try an "organized" rotation.  I have read other blogs that show how it keeps them from getting board with the larger projects.  I think if I try to make a schedule, that I should be a bit less stressed out.  Cross your toes for me.  I do tend to get distracted.  I have also picked up some projects that are in need of finishing and have decided that I will have the Sisters and Daughters stitches done by the 27th so I can give to my baby sitter and her family, then I will concentrate on Summer House.   I will dedicate Monday's and Friday's to Halloween Rules so that I can finish up the other projects.  Once I have Sister's, Daughters, and Summer House Completed, I will frame up the Birth Sampler I received for Mother's Day and give that project a day until my Picture Stitch is completed.  I admit that I do not get to stitch every day, so I am not going to stress if I miss an opportunity to work on a project that week.  That is my new goal for this past birthday.  Reduce stress and keep my dining room table clutter free.  (That last one may take a lot of prayers).  Well folks, I will post my progress in a couple of days.  See you soon ;).


Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Joy!!!!! :D :D Looks like you were well, truly, and deservedly spoilt! :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What gorgeous flowers any girl would be happy to get those!

I find after a big stitch I'm a big burnt out and have to take a small break.