Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun in the Sun and The Stitcherhood.

Its been a few days since my last post, because I took my little one to the beach.  South Padre Island in Texas is the best.  Lots to do, and plenty of beach to play on.  My little one had the best time digging with his new little beach toys in the sand and actually let me bury his leg.  Not bad for a 23 month old with a shoe fetish.  We did have to rinse his water shoes every few minutes because he does not like for his shoes to be dirty.  I find it really funny that someone so young can already have those funny things kick in. 
He makes me laugh so much. 
On the stitchy side of things, I did not get as much done as I thought I would be able to.  The drive is about 5 hours and I sat in the back with my DS.  He developed an insatiable appetite on the ride there and back.  While we were there, we were so busy that it was really hard to get the needle and thread out.  I think I will have a bit of time today though.
I also have great news!!!!!!  I am officially in The Stitcherhood.  My name came up in the Travelling Pattern drawing.  I am sooooooooo excited.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I may be pulling threads before it gets here.  I found some wonderful variegated colors and was just looking for the perfect project.  Now I have one (insert giddy laugh here).  I already heard from Erica at Erica's Places and she is posting it in the mail today.  Did I mention I am excited?
Well folks, back to the daily grind (of which I am grateful to have).  I will have more beach pics tomorrow and a little update on my pin keep.


Erica said...

Glad you're so excited to join the Stitcherhood. I dropped your pattern in the post this afternoon, so it's on its way!

Your little boy is adorable! Aren't kids funny about certain things? My oldest (who turned 15(!) two days ago) *hated* getting his hands dirty - no fingerpainting for him as a tot! He's not quite so adverse to dirty hands nowadays, but he doesn't need reminding to wash his hands before dinner either!

Joysze said...

Your son is so cute, Joy!!! :D