Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling giddy

Have you ever come across a piece of art that you were just drawn to?  The subject matter or style may not be your normal cup of tea, but you have to admire what you see.  Its beauty just speaks for itself.  That happened to me this morning.  I normally like to browse through the Heaven and Earth Designs website for the new designs posted every morning.  I came across this extraordinary piece featuring a horse.  Now, mind you, I am rather intimidated by the large animals, but there was just something about this piece. 

Equus - Laurie Prindle from Heaven and Earth Designs
I think the sad eye is what caught me.  So, I caved.  It helps that there is a sale going on.  After printing out the pattern, another brilliant aspect was revealed.  There are purple and violet aspects to the piece that just shine.  This will have to be a project for next year , but I just had to comment and show my newest acquisition.  This is a piece I just can't wait to put together.  Not to mention it will be my first HAED piece so I am doing a bit of a happy dance.  We will see if it continues once I get started.
As for my current works in progress, I will have to post pics on Monday.  I left the camera at home.  I did get to finish the stitching on the pin keep and most of the second Lizzie Kate "Sisters" stitch.  Hopefully I can post two more finishes.
Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to enter the Travelling Pattern drawing.  I wish everyone luck and will type to ya on Monday. ;)


Joysze said...

Nice chart, Joy!!! It's going to be fun watching him take shape. :D

Happy weekend!!

Anne said...

Ooh Joy this piece of art is BEAUTIFUL!! I love horses and this one kinda speaks to me too. Something about the position of his head and how is face is turned into himself that makes it a bit pensive/sad. Good luck on starting your first HAED! I just started mine and boy are those charts hard to follow at night!!