Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Acts

Ok, so its been a while. I have had a three act drama go on in my life but its finally winding down. Not over, but almost. :) Yeah for me (he he he). I am trying to get back on track with some stitching and getting used to trying to do my nails with one eye. No french manicures for now (thank goodness short, dark nails are in style). I am amazed at the things that are affected and thank God eveyday for the blessing he gave me (including a spare eye ball).
I am currently working on getting my stitchy stuff organized. I went through my stash last week-end and noticed I have some WIPS from 17 years ago just gathering dust. I am so ashamed. So, I am going to take the advice of some savy stitchers and start working on each piece a week at a time. This way, I hope to have some ornies done by the end of November, and some finishes for this year. Wish me luck, bright light, and a steady needle. Until tomorrow.

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