Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today has been difficult because I have had some pain. Not sure why its happening, but I am bit nervous. Always nervous when something that isn't there hurts. I am still not driving, but I am working on gaining my confidence. It doesn't help that I never have any time to myself. Its weird, but I feel like I have so many obligations. I never used to care, so I guess its a sign that I am starting to get back to normal.
On the brighter side of things, only two more weeks till Easter. Being a semi-good Catholic girl, I gave up soft drinks and sweets for Lent. Its really been difficult this year. Normally I am through with the cravings in a week, but this year I am really wanting. Can't wait till the Easter Bunny delivers this years goodies.

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Lynn said...

Joy, I am so proud of you. I find in my life to look ahead and try to expect the best that life gives us. This may sound lame but we have 2 choices, taste the sour lemon or turn our lemons into lemonade. I gave up diet cokes and I am dying for one. Mexican food does not go with WATER. I wish you the very best.