Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 2

It snowed yesterday in San Antonio, Texas. The last time I remember seeing snow fall was almost 25 years ago. I have fond memories of it. I remember playing in my back yard with my little brother. We made sleds out of anything we could find. The best part was seeing our mother walk through the day care door to pick us up. I remember being happy we got to go home. I have a son of my own now. I truly believe that God gave him to me to help me cope with my medical issues. My husband and I just assumed we couldn't have children due to all of the medications I have been prescribed throughout the years. I was granted a miracle.
When I felt the symptoms, I assumed one of my medications needed some adjusting. Thankfully, I took a home pregnancy test (I had an old one in the bathroom). It was positive. I rushed to the nearest drug store and bought two more. I was already scheduled for surgery number 12, so I cried out of fear (I was on some medications I was afraid would hurt my baby). I waited till my husband got home and then let our families know. That was the happiest day of my life. 8 and half months later, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.
The next 5 months truly tested me. I had the last 2 of my 13 surgeries (not including the birth of my son). They were the most difficult because they were mentally draining. Being told about having to remove my eye was a blow, but thanks to my son, I didn't dwell too much. I kept focusing on how he needed me. He was only 4 and 5 months old (respectively). If not for him, I know I would have been in a terrible depression. After each surgery I made sure to concentrate on healing and not the pain so I could take care of him.
My miracle is my son. Thank you God for giving me my son.

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