Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Finish

I am so proud and happy and everything in between.  I finished the Snake for Brody (Love Quilt).  I highly encourage everyone to see if they can help out.  Its a wonderful charity and allows stitchers to stitch things that they normally wouldn't.  For example, I never would have picked a snake, but I am really happy that I did.  It turned out really pretty.  Stoney Creek really does have an eye for detail.

Stoney Creek Reptiles & Amphibians
18 ct. White Aida
Used all recommended DMC colors
Began: May 15, 2011 and finished 07-27-11

The back stitching really made this little guy come to life.  I really like the fact that he looks like he is smiling too.  I should have mailed it out a day sooner, but my little guy took hold of the finished project after I took it off the frame (with dirty hands).  Major panic set in.  Two and a half months of work, and I thought it was ruined.  Thank the good Lord for Dawn (hypoallergenic).  Every little smudge came out.  My little guy was admiring it and just had to touch.  I just gave him a big hug and told him next time we will wash hands first.  He was so cute and I wish I had a pic of his face.  But with disaster avoided, its of in the mail and should arrive on Monday.
I have to say, that I will be taking a break today to rest my eye.  He was a bit more difficult than I anticipated, but worth every stitch.  I may consider stitching him again in a few years. 
I do have my next tiny project kitted up (except for one color).  I really need a pin keep.  I have some stuck in my pin cushion and keep getting poked when I put it up for the night.

I will be stitching up the Lizzie Kate freebie "Hello Spring".  I couldn't believe it when I found that fabbie in the sale pile at Hobby Lobby for almost nothing.  I took it as a sign that I should stitch up that pin keep (he he he).
Well folks, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my next stitchy adventure............ pin keep or project already in progress???????????

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Big Finish

I feel that the Star Wars theme should be playing at this moment.  I finished my first flat fold and managed to find the camera.  Whether or not the pics are OK, is another epic tale.  So without further adieu......

Lizzie Kate "A Sister"
Please forgive the mess in the back ground.  I was super excited and couldn't wait to take the pics.  I was able to complete this fine piece of work (yes, I am tooting my own horn) with the help of Vonna at The Twisted Stitcher.  Her tutorials page is linked to her blog.   A wonderful inspiration for so many projects.  If you haven't seen her blog, I highly recommend you take a gander.  Be warned, you will want many many things (he he he). 
I should mention its a bit crooked, but I figure with one eye and a handy hubby, it looks good (for a first try).  I may try cutting the boards for the next one myself to see if I can do it.  Thank goodness for 50% off coupons.  It makes experimenting really easy.
I also finished the stitching on my Anaconda last night.  I will be done with the back stitching sometime tomorrow so I can get that baby off in the mail.  I am so proud of that piece also.  Its by far, the most difficult piece I have stitched.  Confetti stitching now makes total sense to me.  I am in awe of those of you who have mastered the technique.
Well folks, that's it for today.  I will have an updated pic of my Anaconda and the supplies for the pin keep I will be working on over the week end later this week.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 25, 2011

An Update

Good Morning fellow bloggers.  Its been a bit since my last post.  Lots of stitching and a big finish.  I will have to post the pic of my finish tomorrow because I left the camera at home, but here is an update on the Anaconda.
He is almost done!!!!  Yeahhhhhh!!!!! I just need a bit of one coil and the back stitching.  This baby will be off in the mail no later than Thursday.  Two day priority mail is so great.  It makes getting the last details in less stressful.  I will be sad to see him go, but I am excited to get to another project.  It seems that I am in desperate need for a pin keep, so I am going to detour for a couple of days and get one made up.  I already have my supplies and will post a pic along with a pic of my very first flat fold.  I am rather impressed with my ability to follow directions.  I usually look at the pictures and try to figure it out, but this time I studied for days before getting started.  On another note, by little one and I are still getting along.  I have learned to read his signals better and he is starting to talk.  He runs around the house calling role.  Mama, Dada, Gaga (grand mother), Baba (grand mother), and a few other words that I am sure refer to the grand dads and his other grand mother.  He has three that are related and a few honorary ones.  Its a great feeling knowing he is loved by so many.  We are truly blessed. 
I have to go now, but I can't wait till I get my hands on that elusive camera.  I know its hiding right in front of me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Random Thought

A few weeks ago, my friend Joyze at Random Ramblings posed the question "Are you a project rotator or a one project at a time stitcher?".  If you haven't read her blog, I highly recommend you stop on by.  She is an amazing stitcher and really really funny. 
Well, I have been thinking about that question for a couple of weeks.  I always thought I was a rotator, BUT I realized I am a one at a time kind of girl.  I get stress out just knowing I have an unfinished stitch.  This doesn't count my UFO's.  I have a few, but I realized they are all on the sidelines because I couldn't see well when I started them.  I was also new at stitching.  I picked one of them up to take a look at how much was left to do and I need to frog quite a bit.  It turns out I wasn't aware that all the stitches should be facing  the same direction. 
Back to the subject......  I bring this up because I haven't posted in a while.  My dilemma is that I have only been working on the Stoney Creek Anaconda.  I figured you guys would be bored with just looking at updates for the same stitch over and over again.  I have been able to put in a few stitches every day, so I have progress, but I really don't know what I should do.  I would appreciate feed back.
On a higher note, I finally got my DH to cut the mounting boards for my Lizzy Kate flat fold.  My Mother will be coming over for dinner tonight, so I am going to ask her to help be glue up that baby.  I am really stoked.  mainly because of that stress I typed about earlier.  Having it unfinished really really bothers me.  I am also almost done with the second one.  I put it down so I could work on the Anaconda, but, I may make that my travel project.  That wouldn't bother me so much because I know I can't work on the other in the car (when my DH drives ;).  Well folks, I am not sure I made sense today, but that is what was on my mind.
Before I go, I also want to say thank you to all of you who gave me the great advise on the terrible two's.  It helped knowing how he sees the situation.  We are getting along much better now.  He even gave me a big hug and a kiss last night after his bath (which he loves). 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'mmmm Baaaaack, a late TUSAL post, and a Give-A-Way link

Hello fellow bloggers, I am back.  I went through an audit at the office yesterday.  I have been so nervous that I let everything else go for a week.  Well, I got a perfect score and I am super proud.  I know I do everything humanly possible to make sure everything is done correctly, but the word audit just evokes nervousness.  So, now I am back, I have a couple of pics, a perfect score treat, a give-a-way to point you to and I have a needle back in my hand.

First off, I have an update for the Anaconda.  Not much done, but I have made more progress that I expected.  I am hoping to have pages 2 and three done by Sunday so I can get started on the final page.  That will give me three weeks to finish him up.  I am so excited.  Its the most difficult piece I have stitched and I am ready to try my hand at another toughie.
Next is a pic of a cute little guy I spotted in a tree at the zoo.  I took my little one back to the zoo on the 4th.  I am sure I am missing an entire section, because we missed the Bear's birthday party and I still haven't seen the seals. 
I think he was curious about the funny little box in my hand.  It made for a cute little pic.  I took a couple of other pics, but they were out of focus.  We let my little one run around so it was difficult getting good shots.  He did well though.  My MIL did have to wrestle with him to take a nap after, but I am proud of my little guy.  He did well in the heat and with molars coming in.
I almost forgot to post my pic of my TUSAL jar.  I took the picture on the 1st, but like I said, I was a bit preoccupied.

I took a pic of the top because the orts from the LK Cure ornie block out the sides.  I may rethink that choice and get rid of the fabbie.  I do think its pretty though.  Any thoughts?
As for my treat, I decided I deserved the Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules.  I have been eyeing the entire piece for a while and I just thought it would be grand.  The Lizzie Kate Lover's blog is having a stitch along starting next month.  Halloween Rules and 12 Blessings.  I do have some items I need to get done, but I will be stitching on it as I can.  I do have a birth sampler I can't wait to begin.  You can check out the blog here.
I forgot take a pic of the picture stitch I am working on.  I was supposed to have it ready for father's day, but as you well know, I am super duper slow and easily distracted.  Its still on my stitchy frame (one of many) and I am not going to work on my birth sampler until I get my projects listed last month done (well, I hope).
Give-A-Way Notice
 Purls of Wisdom is having a Lizzie Kate give-A-Way.  Check it out for a fun chance to win Life's A Beach.

I can't wait to update again on Monday, so see you soon and keep the frogs away.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Better Pic and a Thank You

First I want to say thank you to everyone who comments here.  It makes me feel glittery and special.  I have learned so much from my blogger buddies (especially about stitching).  Joyze and Mouse, thank you for your support.  I totally didn't know food could trigger migraines.  What a bummer.  Chocolate and Cheese, oh my..... Those are two of my favorite foods.  Although, I have to admit, that I don't think cheese likes me as much as I like it (he he he).  We must have had a falling out in my twenties. 
Well, I was able to get a better pic of my Anaconda.  A teeny weeny bit of progress last night, but my DS had a melt down and I had to put it up.  He has hit terrible two tantrum mode.  I am not sure how I am to survive. 
This pic is soooooo much better.  I feel better too, because I can tell its in focus.  Talk about panicking.  I wasn't even concerned with not being able to see, just not being able to stitch.  Its the one thing that I am very sure will get me through my DS's current behavioral stage.  I can put him to bed, start a book on my iPod, and get away at night. 
If all goes well, I should be able to get the things I wanted done last week-end, done this week-end.  Including a bit of cooking (mmmmmmmmm).  Happy Forth of July for those in the US.  I will be off for three days, so I will not post again until Tuesday the 5th.  I hope everyone has a happy and frog free week-end.