Friday, July 8, 2011

I'mmmm Baaaaack, a late TUSAL post, and a Give-A-Way link

Hello fellow bloggers, I am back.  I went through an audit at the office yesterday.  I have been so nervous that I let everything else go for a week.  Well, I got a perfect score and I am super proud.  I know I do everything humanly possible to make sure everything is done correctly, but the word audit just evokes nervousness.  So, now I am back, I have a couple of pics, a perfect score treat, a give-a-way to point you to and I have a needle back in my hand.

First off, I have an update for the Anaconda.  Not much done, but I have made more progress that I expected.  I am hoping to have pages 2 and three done by Sunday so I can get started on the final page.  That will give me three weeks to finish him up.  I am so excited.  Its the most difficult piece I have stitched and I am ready to try my hand at another toughie.
Next is a pic of a cute little guy I spotted in a tree at the zoo.  I took my little one back to the zoo on the 4th.  I am sure I am missing an entire section, because we missed the Bear's birthday party and I still haven't seen the seals. 
I think he was curious about the funny little box in my hand.  It made for a cute little pic.  I took a couple of other pics, but they were out of focus.  We let my little one run around so it was difficult getting good shots.  He did well though.  My MIL did have to wrestle with him to take a nap after, but I am proud of my little guy.  He did well in the heat and with molars coming in.
I almost forgot to post my pic of my TUSAL jar.  I took the picture on the 1st, but like I said, I was a bit preoccupied.

I took a pic of the top because the orts from the LK Cure ornie block out the sides.  I may rethink that choice and get rid of the fabbie.  I do think its pretty though.  Any thoughts?
As for my treat, I decided I deserved the Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules.  I have been eyeing the entire piece for a while and I just thought it would be grand.  The Lizzie Kate Lover's blog is having a stitch along starting next month.  Halloween Rules and 12 Blessings.  I do have some items I need to get done, but I will be stitching on it as I can.  I do have a birth sampler I can't wait to begin.  You can check out the blog here.
I forgot take a pic of the picture stitch I am working on.  I was supposed to have it ready for father's day, but as you well know, I am super duper slow and easily distracted.  Its still on my stitchy frame (one of many) and I am not going to work on my birth sampler until I get my projects listed last month done (well, I hope).
Give-A-Way Notice
 Purls of Wisdom is having a Lizzie Kate give-A-Way.  Check it out for a fun chance to win Life's A Beach.

I can't wait to update again on Monday, so see you soon and keep the frogs away.


Joysze said...

That's great about the audit, Joy. :D Now you can concentrate on having beautiful WIPs for us to see. ;)

Anaconda's looking great. I only have floss ends in my ORT jar, but lots of others put all kinds of stuff in there. I really think it's up to you on what you would like to see in the jar. :)

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the audit BIG sigh of relief :) and woo hoo progress too :) love the squirrel and ort jar is pretty with the fabric in too :) love mouse xxx