Wednesday, June 22, 2011

French Food - Updated

Last night I had a bout of insomnia.  The only good thing about insomnia (for me) is that I get to catch up on movies.  I was able to watch Julie & Julia.  Well.....  what can I say.  It inspired me, made me laugh, and made me wish I explored my writing.  I used to write all the time, but my immaturity took its toll and I got out of the habit.  BUT, enough of that!!!  I sooooo want to take up cooking.  Well, maybe throw in an actual recipe once a week for now.  I have my staples, but let's face it.  Nothing like the food in Julia Child's cook book.  I was lucky that my DS and I shared a blue berry muffin at the beginning of the movie because I undoubtedly would have been hungry by the end.  My poor baby seems to get insomnia with me.  He finally fell asleep and I continued with the movie.
Its a lovely film that I recommend, but I warn you now.  You will crave butter and maybe an adventure.  It helps that the main character writes a blog.  What better thing to blog about than a movie with blogging....  It also made me want to visit Paris.  I do love my little city, but an adventure would be nice.  The only problem is that I want to visit Paris in the 40's.  Everything was lovely in the 40's, well except maybe political strife, but fashion and cars, and manners were all so wonderful.  Its one of my favorite fashion eras.  Maybe I will just channel the time with picking up a copy of the cook book and trying my hand at the Beef Bourguignon.  I will of course need a new pot (I have been eyeing one I spotted at Walmart).  I know its not the ideal place to purchase cook ware, BUT this one is so pretty and a Paula Dean.  It MUST be good (he he he).  It takes about 2 1/2 hours to cook, so I will be doing this over the week end.
On the stitchy front, I finally have all of my supplies to do a flat fold.  It took two months of coupons to acquire all of it, but now that I have the expensive items, I know that I can do more with minimal cost.  Here is a pic of the fabric and the cording I purchased (well I tried to upload the pic).  It seems blogger is still having some issues.  I do hope they are able to fix them soon.  I am not sure that I want to learn another program.  But I am complaining again.  I will try again later today to get the picture up.  I will simply update this post.  Thank you for stopping by and wish me luck.  My kitchen and family may need the luck more than I do if this cooking inspiration keeps up.  ;)
It worked!!!!  Here is my pic.  :)


Joysze said...

Oh Joy... do take a picture of your Beef Bourguignon. :D

Your flat fold is going to look fantastic... I can't wait to see. Out of curiousity, when you upload pictures.... hmmm hard to explain. Nvm. I'll send you and email. :)

Karen said...

Hi Joy....followed your link from the LK Blog....can't wait to have a look around.

happy stitching...

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, returning the following! Glad you like my "tag". I spent ages trying to think of something clever like other people have and just couldn't. So there it is!

Off to look around your blog now.

ann d du québec said...

j aime bien cette petite broderie.