Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well folks, yesterday was my first blogaversary.  I totally missed by own blogaversary.  I am a bit disappointed in myself for that, but I have vowed to be a better blogger.  Today; however, may not be the best day.  I received a call from my father this morning that my little brother had a mild heart attack.  My LITTLE brother.  I was so scared.  He is stable and on his way to the cardiologist.  He has some sort of oxygen blockage to his brain and was out for about 4 minutes.  His wife tried calling him this morning for their usual good morning call and a paramedic answered the phone.  I am trying not to cry now.  I can't imagine the fear and panic.
I have decided I need to go home early today.  I am going to leave my DS at my mother in law's for a bit and stitch so I can compose myself.  I will post a pic tonight and will check in again tomorrow.

Till Then.....

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