Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year All.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy beginning to a new year!  As for me, I spent my New Year's Eve in bed asleep.  So old, or just just Mommied Out.  My two year old wanted to go to bed so I decided to let him watch a movie in my bed for a bit.  Next thing I know, its morning.  Oh well....

First things first.  Here is a pic of my TUSAL.
TUSAL 01-09-12
I decided to get rid of last years orts and start fresh.  I will have a larger picture next month.  The jar is a bit dirty and I didn't notice until I uploaded this pic.  ;)

Next is my update on the WIPocalypse.
Stoney Creek "No Greater Love"
This is the piece I had the Dilemma about.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the stitches are going crazy.  One this way, one that.....  Its exceptionally bad ;).  But, thank you to everyone who left a comment. I decided to keep it as is and dug it out from my UFO pile.  Now, I must mention that I started this 19 years ago.  I was in high school and dedicated to my social life, so this took a back seat.  When I located it, it was still on the frame I was using (yeah me, extra frame).
The good news is that the fabric is still in good condition.  The bad news is that I wasn't aware of the stitching in the center of the fabric rule, and just about panicked.  After all of my agonizing and complaining on line, I didn't even realize the stitching wasn't centered.  Uggggggg!!!!!
Well, I decided I had gone too far and needed to give it a chance.  I took out the pattern and counted.  Then I counted the stitching.  I am soooooo lucky.  I will have about an inch left on the border.  That just means I will be framing this little lovely in a picture frame very carefully.
So without further adieu, I give you "No Greater Love" as my Wipocalypse update.  I didn't stitch on it, but I did take it off the frame, wash, iron and remount it on the frame.  That is my progress.  Hopefully I will have some stitching to report next New Moon.
I will have a crazy update on Wednesday.  I have been a good girl and stitching on my newest project. ;)
Until next time, keep those needles sharp and those eyes checked. ;)


blue star stitcher said...

Good job picking it back up again, and very lucky it was centered just enough.

pam said...

I can see you would want to finish it with so much work already in it. Have fun with it.

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on keeping it as was and at least you have got a new frame ..can't wait to see more of it done and happy new year to you too ... bless you falling asleep ... I would have been the same too :) love mouse xxx

SoCal Debbie said...

That's a gorgeous project! I wouldn't have tried that when I was a teenager! I also have an old needlepoint project that I started in high school and finally picked up again. You should join the Oldest UFO SAL also.
(The TUSAL is on the New Moon, January 23.)

Joysze said...

Oh, it's so pretty, Joy!! I'm glad you decided to keep it as is and keep going. I'm going to enjoy watching this one grow. :D

Mangogirl said...

good luck with your UFO

Kristina said...

Glad you 19 yr old WIP does fit on the fabric. Congrats on picking it back up after so long.